Enjoy a sampling of new races available in the Retroverse.


From the second a Wo'nari is born they are racing against the world. Their short lifespans and early maturity give them little time to waste. By the time they are able to face the world they likely already have their life’s goal planned in fine detail. They are relentless and extremely quick learners, picking up concepts in days that would take other races years to comprehend. A clan of Wo'nari is a powerful ally to have, and a dangerous foe to fear.



The most common reactions to a Ceran are that of hate or fear. Hulking reptilian beasts, they have a tough time adapting to the fragility of the realms outside of their own. The many gods and evils of the world seem convoluted and gross to their very direct mentality. Rather than worship the divine, Cerans are deeply in touch with their ancestry, sometimes calling upon fathers and mothers a dozen or so generations removed. They may be viewed as heretics, beasts, or even monsters, but those who get to know a Ceran will benefit from their aged wisdom.


Dragonborn Variants

Dragonborn in the Retroverse behave similarly to their kin in other realms. They share all the same traits as other Dragonborn, including temperament and racial bonuses. The major difference is their Draconic Ancestry. Retroverse dragons come in four different types: Neon, Laser, Xenon, and Tesla.


The Raich

This strange species was once a distant cousin of elves. After coming into contact with some strange corruption they have now become highly adaptable to nearly any location. Their bodies evolve rapidly, allowing them to live in dangerous places like volcanoes, thunder plains, and even space!



Literal living skeletons. Some are magical, some are cybernetic, and some are just a glitch in the code. What will you do with this second chance at life?