Variety is the spice of life!

A Half-Orc steps into the technodrome. Paper cutouts supposed to represent fans wave frame by frame. The arena runs a roulette wheel to generate an enemy comparable to his power. This would take some time. Eventually it settles on a Dracolich. A little rote, but fun nonetheless. To his hand he summons a +3 Ice Sword then splits himself into 2 copies. The timer starts, the crowd cheers, and the Half-Orc knows he will never die.

Class Features:

  • Holo-Weapons: Summon your favorite weapon on command!
  • Spellcasting: Use spells to beguile and confuse your opponents!
  • Double Team: Create a Holographic duplicate to help you in battle!
  • Even More...

Synth Weaver

Beat boxing Bad Boys

The Dragonborn's party has been ravaged; they likely will not survive this battle. He stares down at the Lich, places sunglasses on his nose, and cranks up his Boombox to eleven. The ludicrous bass and melodious beats waft through his team mates, revitalizing their strength and will. The Lich balks at the dubious wubs coming from this group. He fears, for they are no longer a team, they are a party.

Class Features:

  • Hype dice: Build up your team's strength!
  • Drop the Bass: Sync with your team to make their hits into criticals!
  • Magic Amp: Boost the power of your spells!
  • Even More...


A Cure for corruption

The guardian had been motionless before, but crossing some invisible threshold had brought it to terrible motion. In seconds his friends had been decimated. Now he stood, the only thing between the abomination and his bleeding and broken sister. Tears fell from his own face, onto hers as he was pushed down to his knees. He strained to keep the bubble shield active, but he could already see cracks forming in its matrix. Outside, the destroyer smashed relentlessly against it. Fighting back pain, swallowing tears, he chocked out the only word he could muster, the only one he really needed to say anymore. “Goodbye.”

Class Features:

  • Array of Hands: Grow two new powerful arms for a limited time!
  • Stalwart Shield: Create a small force shield, around you and others, that repels any attack!
  • Cure Corruption: Use your own life force to erase corruption from other creatures!
  • Even More...

Glitch Hunter

Resourceful and Relentless

The Halfling breaths in deeply, her lungs filling with fluid. “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” she cracks at herself. “Couldn’t keep your nose out of it, could you!?” Several arrows blast over the upturned metal table, her makeshift cover. Shooting at her she understood, but why was the guard working with Queenpin? She's sure it will come to her, it always does, just needed more information. Right now it's about survival; she retrieves her flask and takes a long pull. Not a healing potion, but it would have to do for now.

Class Features:

  • Omni-Blaster: A weapon unique to your class that changes as needed!
  • One in a Million: That should have killed you, but you got lucky that time!
  • Spell Chamber: Load spells into your Omni-Blaster and fire them across the battlefield!
  • Even More...

Code Warlock

Master of the code

An Wo'nair woman clad in a black longcoat strides through the battle field confidently. The retreating foes hurl a fireball directly at her, she doesn't avoid it. When the smoke clears, her hair isn't even mussed. Panic besets the ranks of the opposing team and they trample each other to flee from her. The mage that cast the fireball feels his throat tighten and watches his allies run from him. He is lifted in the air by an invisible hand on his neck. Turning to face the woman and her outstretched arm; he watches her hand close slowly and his world grows darker and darker.

Class Features:

  • Hack: Change the very fabric of the world around you!
  • Kami-Wave: Charge your energy into your hands and then release a terrible flow of energy!
  • This Isn't Real: Negate all effects of a single attack!
  • Even More...


From zero to hero

A Half-Elf commands his Velociraptor companion to change into its Exo-Xord form. He feels the circuits connecting to his skin, receives feedback from the mech, and watches the displays inside come to life. He stands now, piloting his Xord, 10 feet of metal and electricity. The shining humanoid construct matches his own movements, wielding an enormous club, he points it somewhere in the horizon, then charges. With a terrible crunch and sends the Goblin flying high into the air. He smiles to himself inside his mech as the readout gives him a positive kill. Then he turns to face the rest of his awestruck party and the pack of Goblins. Through his suit, speakers blare his own voice “Who's up for some Goblin Ball!?” before he begins charging another foe.

Class Features:

  • Exo-Xord: Transform you Xord companion into a powerful mech and pilot it!
  • Goreangyr Uniform: Look stylish and take a beating!
  • Weak Spot: The data feed in your helmet lets you know where a creature is most vulnerable!
  • Even More!

More Classes? If we hit certain stretch goals on our Kickstarter we will include more new classes in The Player's Mix. Here's what were working on:

  • Exe.Mage
  • Card Weilder
  • Datarid
  • Road Warrior
  • Techno Viking