retroverse tape.png

Lasers & Liches First Test Wave

The first wave of material for the Retroverse. Inside are several new classes, races, monsters, more magic, items, rules, and a full 3-4 session adventure! The content is full of great illustrations to help inspire your own Retroverse adventure! You can pick it up for free or throw a tip our way to keep production moving quickly!

halloween special cover.png

2018 Halloween Special

As a thank you for your patience, we put together a bundle of content for you to play with. This is not the second test wave but it does include some content from it. Inside is a new race, class, background, magics, and a spooky themed adventure to play in. As always, you can pick it up for free. If you want to keep this game in development, consider throwing us a tip when downloading this module. Thanks!

mr snoofuls cave cover.png

Mr. Snooful’s Ransom

This is a lighthearted, kid-friendly adventure module that could be set anywhere. It’s a fun break from massive, world-ending adventures. Follow the trail of the abducted Mr. Snoofuls doll to a cave full of cardboard traps and sheets painted like ghosts. Will the king of goblins accept your cookie ransom!?