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King of the Laser Dragons

Run by @Scotty_H00d

Join Visca, Vermithrax, Yost, and Hertz as they battle their way towards the ultimate foe, Radicule: King of the Laser Dragons.

Streaming on Twitch

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Episodes on Youtube

Fate and the Fablemaidens halloween special

run by Samantha Tee

In this one-shot adventure, a new crew finds their way into the Retroverse. Things take a turn for the cheesy within seconds.



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Sleepless in Radville, a 5E Adventure

Brought together by coincidence or destiny, a group of strangers stand together against a mysterious force that threatens to overwhelm the Retroverse. Join Karn Swiftpad, Drycha, Katya Vasilkovna, Sothibra Smoothscale, and Rick O'Shay as they fight to take back Radville. R3M3MB3R, 50M30N3 15 H4CK1NG.