Some of the new monsters in The Retroverse:

The Neon Dragon

A deadly foe that serves only themselves. Not always evil, but never considered good. They can put you to sleep with their deadly neon venom or lay a field of ultracharged particles that it can then ignite!


B-ugz (B-HLD3r)

Glitch, errors, mistakes in a corporal form. Sometimes the swirling infinity that is the Retroverse intersects with other realities, or even itself, and these aberrations are created. Mistakes of creation, they serve only to spread their corruption to others. To them, average life is the corruption and they have an undeniable need to fix it. They will not stop until they are destroyed.

B-ugz come in many different shapes and sizes. Though they all have an slightly insectoid nature, they can vary wildly. The size and strength of the bug is determined by the severity of the dimension shearing that created them. Most times they are small nuisances that even normal townsfolk can deal with. However, there are tales of B-ugz that were powerful enough to challenge the gods. Such a being could mean the end of an entire reality.


Pizza Slime

Constantly hungry and delightfully odoriferous, Pizza Slimes are a horrifying abomination of one of the most beautiful things in life. This unique type of slime is a terrible mix of magic and age. It is said that the first Pizza Slime was created as a practical joke that went horribly awry. How they proliferated from that point is a mystery. While it is generally known that some kind of magic is needed to create a Pizza Slime, most cautious cooks will keep the dough and cheese far apart from each other before cooking a pizza, and even after cooking it will prod the pizza with a knife before serving it.


Glass Shadow

Deep in the recesses of sentient minds, way back into ancestral memory, there is something that fears the mirrors. Creatures may use them daily, spending hours in front of them to get their appearance correct, but why do they all avoid their own eyes? It's because they know, there is a chance, ever so slight, that the thing on the other side is not just a reflection. If that being can see into you, it will crave the freedom you possess, breaking out of the mirror to get it.