Media Coverage of Lasers & Liches and the Retroverse.

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“Unsurprisingly, the foes and monsters in Lasers & Liches also seem incredibly wild and draped in nostalgia. There's the animatronic horrors that lurk inside of Chuck E Cheese's, and the dreaded karma chameleon. There are slimes and gelatinous oozes made of pizza, tesla dragons, and even laser corgis that can shoot lasers out of their mouths. Everything about the Retroverse seems fun and exciting and seems to offer a different kind of tabletop gaming experience.”


Terminally Nerdy Lasers and Liches: The Retroverse Preview

"First let’s start with the general theme.  This is the 80’s in Dungeons and Dragons form.  It’s insane, its hilarious, its over the top, and it’s amazing.  The potential is here for all sorts of shenanigans. Its not going to be for everyone.  The setting details, monsters, and classes all lend themselves very much towards silly gaming rather then serious.  I mean, there are PIZZA CUBES for god sakes!"

"The best thing I could point you to, to get an idea of what the inspiration of this setting seems to be would either be KUNG FURY or really any cartoon from the 80’s like Dinosaucers.  Yes this is a real thing that exists.  And its as amazing as it sounds. Hell there is even some Power Rangers inspiration in here with a class."

DnDurken Retroverse Preview – This one Goes up to 11!

"What really caught my attention was the Cerans.  Cerans are another anthropormorphic race, but are much more exotic.  Cerans are dinosaurs, more specifically triceratops and those like them.  I love this race and feel it is a perfect fit for the nostalgia trip that is the Retroverse!  I loved the show Dinosaurs in the 90s and this race hits all the right notes to make me feel like I stepped back into that show as the mean construction boss.  I don’t know if this is what Chris was going for when he wrote it, but regardless it works!"

"On top of the two new races, there was included a section on Dragonborn variations to reskin metallic and chromatic dragonborn as Neon and Laser dragonborn.  While the information here is really fun and cool, the most important takeaway here for me is that Chris is capable of even making old ideas fresh by “retroverse-izing” traditional D&D races.  I look forward to see if more races get this reskin treatment (I’m looking at you punk rock elves!)."

Jack Leuing, Encounter Role Play

"One of the new mechanics implemented in the world of the Retroverse is the breakdown of digital matter called corruption, and it causes effects that resemble code decay, dissemination, and just an overall unpleasant experience. The playtest also featured new spells that thematically fit within this vibrant universe, including spells such as party ball or Mom’s spaghetti to name a few. A short campaign was included and hits all the buttons of nostalgia with callbacks and references from the 80’s and 90’s. The monsters in the Retroverse are diverse and exemplary such as pizza cubs or even karma chameleons (yes, I kid you not)."

"The Retroverse is a love letter to some of the favorite time periods of the many gamers and players within the tabletop RPG community but also an excellent introduction for newer players to a world of bright colors, cheesy puns, and fantastical combinations like laser velociraptors. As the Kickstarter campaign’s launch date approaches, more material will be unveiled by Chris and Lluis, along possible playtest streams. Interested backers can currently sign up on their website Lasers & Liches for a newsletter."

Captainpsychology Retroverse

"I love it tho. Like I’m really, really, really into it and can’t wait for the kickstarter (it starts on April 10!). There are a few rules that I feel might need to be tweaked to help balance the class and clarify rules but what I’m seeing is really promising and refreshing."