Dev update 1

Hey there!

This is Chris, the lead designer on Lasers & Liches. Just wanted to check in and let you know where we are. We've got the skeleton of our Kickstarter set up. We want to offer you the greatest bang for your buck. To do this we've been doing a lot of research into exactly how to handle shipping and development. The good news is that we are getting very close to having something ready for you to play with! The bad news is that shipping outside of the U.S. is a nightmare. For now we will be limiting our physical books to the U.S. only. However, PDFs can go anywhere! So while we try to get this problem resolved, please feel free to enjoy our eventual PDF release... you know... when we do release it.

Anyway, thanks so much for being patient with us. The test product is nearing completion for the writing and editing phase. Still finishing up art and PDF conversion. Once we have it in a workable state, or at least close, we will begin our Kickstarter.

Thanks so much for your support and inspiration!