Dev Update 5 - On the cusp

Hello everyone,

Chris here, likely for the last time before the Kickstarter launches (April 10th). Just wanted to give you some minor updates.

The free preview that we sent out was a huge hit. My favorite part was not the praise it got, but the critiques that came with it. I've gotten a lot of feedback so far and I'm happy that anyone took the time to really dig into it. I hope to have those bugs squashed before the first Test Wave is released. It's going to be a fun experience, seeing how everyone interacts with the different systems. Just please understand that this is exactly why we test things, and are going to continue to test them, until it is nearly perfect. We're not going to give you a broken game.

We finally have a good trailer for the Kickstarter as well! Check it out here:

We have put up three new pages on the website. Official Artwork, which is stuff that may not make it into the final game but Lluis made and is too good to just let the twitter maw consume. Fan Art, if you have Retroverse themed fan art, please send it to us! It's likely we will put it up there if we like it! Media, this is where we are putting any media coverage the Retroverse receives. If you've written something or made a video, we want to see it!

We are gearing up to the last bit of Kickstarter prep. It's been a long road and really, this is just the beginning. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us along this path. I ask that you keep it up for just a bit longer by sharing our stuff, telling your friends, and providing any feedback you can think of.

You're awesome,