Dev Update 7

Hey there!

It's been a little bit since I wrote out one of these. Canceling the Kickstarter was kind of emotion ordeal and it took Lluis and I a bit to climb back on the chrome stallion. We've been back on the project for quite some time now and have made a ton of progress! It's still not even close to being finished (and who knows when it will be) but progress is being made. Since the First Test Wave we have (nearly) finished work on:

3 New Subclasses, 3 New Races, 2.5 New Classes, the Next Castle mission, Non-magical weapons and Armor, a handful of Feats, and the Cliche Mechanic.

There have also been dozens of minor changes based on your notes.

All in all, the Second Test Wave is coming along nicely. One thing we want to make sure of is that we have a solid editor look over the Second Test Wave before we release it. This means it will likely not release immediately after our next Kickstarter but hopefully within 30 days of it ending.

Speaking of, the plan is for the next Kickstarter to be in late August or September, though it may creep all the way into November. November would mean we have been working on the project for a full year, which just means more content for you. Something about starting the Kickstarter on our year anniversary feels right, so we may go that route.

Also, we finally got the Development Diary video series going! We plan on doing one video every month. We will always stream it so you can get your questions answered directly by us! Because of our crazy schedules we do not have a set time. Please follow @Snickelsox or @LluisAbadias on Twitter to stay in the loop on that one.

Developer Diary Video

See you in the Vector Wilds,