Dev Update 9 - Second verse, wildly different than the first.

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update this time. We have our Kickstarter launching February 12th. Backers will be able to get our second test wave, which more than doubles the content we currently have available. We will always have the first test wave freely available (and will eventually update it to resemble more of a sampler pack), and content from here one will be available through our Kickstarter.

The second test wave includes 2 new classes, 3 subclasses for the Holo-Knight, De-Fragger, Synthweaver, and Henshin (formerly Goreangyr). It also has tons of new playable species, monsters, spells, magic items, a new Warren’s Grove quest, and even a chapter on building your own Retroverse world!

We will have a few special rewards if we reach some specific goals on our Kickstarter first day, like Laser Corgis and Magnetadon as a playable species. Hope to see you there!